Keldon Warlord Revisited
Original Keldon Warlord Painting
 The first step, of course, was the layout sketch, shown here at full size ready for transfer to the paper.
 Moving on to the painting had its share of difficulties. When I dug out my acrylics i found about a third of them had dried up and I had to order more. Once the paints arrived I realized I was missing critical brush sizes and had to run out and buy new ones. I was surprised, however, at how many of the paints were still good as some of them dated back to my art school days in the late 80’s.  I started in on the background. I’m painting on watercolor paper with several coats of Gesso. I’m starting with a dark, moonlit night on the left moving the to red and yellow glow of the fires on the right.
 Next I moved on to the fire and decided to look at photos of forest fires to try for a more realistic look. The fires were primarily white at the bottom and moved to yellow and then orange at the edges. Virtually no red in the flames at all. Added smoke in the sky reflecting a bit of the fire glow.
 Painting the broken tower at the left was the opposite of the fires on the right, using blue, black and gray. Added some yellow reflecting from the fires along the block edges. Can’t tell you how difficult it is to smoothly blend acrylics to get the tower to look round!
 Here I’ve painted the background monsters.
 Flesh areas and cape...
 Added veins to arms, painted base helmet tones and blue metal rims, started on mouth and the crimson parts of outfit and sword. I didn’t actually get around to working on the flesh again yet.
 Here’s the stage before the final details. I’ve blocked in the sword with gold details, blocked in the horns, added shading to the belt and straps, finished the mouth and added details to the helmet.
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